6 Simple Hacks for Dealing with the Texas Heat in Your Car

protect yourself and your car in the Texas heatWe have all experienced the oven-like feeling of getting into the car on a hot summer day.. after all, it IS Texas, right!?  Ideally, that car is supposed to be used as a means to get to and from our job or, travel around town for errands but not meant to fry us in the hot Texas heat.  There is no doubt that each person who lives in Texas has been victim to the unbearable heat that is trapped in your car while you are doing your daily activities.

So to help reduce that oven-like feeling when you open your car door, here are some simple life hacks to help cool the heat.

  1. Cover the Leather or Vinyl

Leather seats are great, until it gets hot… vinyl gets hot too. Those 100+ degree temperatures really have a way of heating up those leather or vinyl seats, making it impossible to sit in the car.  As if you weren’t hot enough, having to sit in those seats will be sure to bake your backside or your legs.  To avoid this uncomfortable situation day after day, you might want to cover up those leather seats by purchasing some fabric seat covers. This will help retract the heat from soaking into your seat, literally.  Unless you are one of the lucky ones with cooling seats… but even those take a few minutes to cool off.

  1. Hide the Steering Wheel

Much like the issue with the leather seats, the steering wheel is likely to heat up and become like a wheel of hot coals.  By simply covering up the steering wheel with a hand towel before leaving the car, it can help make your next drive more comfortable.  Even better might be to consider buying a wheel cover that you can get at any big box store or local automotive store. Keep in mind that if it is leather or vinyl, you are going to have the same problem!

  1. The Dash Cover or Window Shade

The classic dash cover is one of the best ways to prevent the sun from heating up your car.  Using a dash cover redirects the sunlight from you car and it also protects the car’s vinyl from sun damage.  Sun damage in a car can lead to cracking or other damage that may not be covered by your auto insurance policy. A dash cover is typically made of carpet like material and usually easy to replace if it fades.  However, should you not want to use this, then buying a window shade that extends across your front dash when you are parked is another alternative. Obviously this doesn’t help the heating of the dash while you are in the car, but during the summer you will likely have the AC on which will help cool the interior.

  1. Solar-powered Fan

Placing a solar-powered fan in your car will increase the air circulation in the vehicle even when you aren’t in it.  Air movement can really help maintain a cooler temperature… and hey, it’s solar powered, how cool is that!?

  1. Open Windows

Some people may or may not be comfortable with this suggestion, so take it or leave it, but by leaving your windows cracked ever so slightly, it can also help the heat from being trapped inside of your vehicle. Doing this in combination with using a solar-powered fan will be the best way to keep air flowing through the car.  Texas is also known for its random downpour so maybe consider getting window deflectors that stick to your doors right above the top of the window.  This allows for you to keep your windows cracked without rain getting in easily and also a deterrent from burglars reaching into your windows.

  1. Park in the Shade

This may be the most obvious of these car heat hacks, but it’s worth a mention.  Park your vehicle in the shade whenever possible.  Park under a tree, in a parking garage while at the mall or shopping, in your garage or under a carport…anything.  Any of these options will at least help by getting your car out of direct sunlight.

Just to note, none of these things will be able to prevent your car from feeling warm/hot, but they can help make entering your car more manageable.  The Texas summer heat cannot be escaped, so you just have to do your best with what you’ve got.  Hopefully some of these tips will help you not melt during the hottest part of the year.

As always, be sure you are safe in your measures to protect you. For example, when you are parking in garages or under shade, be sure you are in a well lit area so you aren’t a walking target late at night. Should you have any questions about vandalism, personal injury in the event of an automobile accident or other vehicle insurance questions, please feel free to contact us here at Paula Smith Insurance. We’d love to be your insurance resource and go to team.

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