Annual Maintenance for Your Home

Review your home insurance policiesTo make the most out of your home, you should know how to properly take care of it.  After all, the best cared-for home is going to offer its best care in return, right?  To help you move in the right direction, here are some top ways to help you make sure that you keep up on your annual home maintenance in easy but productive ways that really will make a difference short- and long-term.

Inspect your home inside and outside

Even over a year, things can break down.  Prime examples include weakening in piping systems, electrical circuits chewed by animals, or siding coming loose and weakening your home’s exterior.  It could be helpful to thoroughly look over your home from the outside, including the roof, and then do the same thing on the inside, from crawl space to attic.  Make a note of all of the things that need to be checked or repaired, including the small ones, and that’s your to-do list.

Fix anything that needs it

Once you’ve got your list, you can start to tackle it one item at a time.  You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional to do everything, but you can, however, you’d be surprised what you can get done when you make the time and have the right tools.  Feel free to call in favors if you know someone who can help with electrical issues, or a roofer to help replace a lost shingle.  These little details will help improve your home and make sure that it is ready to go for the long-term.

Give your home a cleaning and brush-up

Other than maintenance, you should consider giving it a good scrub as well.  This includes the siding, the windows (inside and out), the screens on the windows or doors, the air conditioner unit and more.  By giving your home a good “wash” on both the interior and exterior, you’ll be making sure that you help arm yourself against germs or other bacteria that can take up residence throughout the course of a year, among other things. If there’s ever been a moment for you to think about cleaning, this should be it!

Review your insurance coverage

Protecting your home is also about making sure that you are equipped with the right insurance coverage.  The best thing to do is to contact your insurance agent, update him/her with any changes over the year and just have a conversation. If you don’t have a relationship with your agent, then start digging out that paperwork.  Take a look at your policy and make sure that it is up to date as well as covering all of the things that you require for maximum protection.  Understand exactly what it covers and what it doesn’t so that you are prepared in the worst case scenario.

Yearly maintenance and protection of your home doesn’t have to be a big scary thing.  It can just be a to-do list and a review of your home insurance coverage.  If you do this maintenance every year, you may even find that your to do list shrinks each time.  As noted above, proper protection and maintenance will help you in the long run, and some of those ways will even be financial ones as well.

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