Cover Your Content in a Storage Unit

protect your content, regardless of where it is, like a self storage!When you store your belongings in a storage unit, the last thing on your mind is needed insurance or putting in an insurance claim, right? Yet, storage unit insurance is definitely a good idea to consider for your best protection. I mean, you don’t own the storage unit, but think of it like you would a home that you rent. You need a renters policy for that but you don’t own it, kind of similar concept. Either way, you will want to check this out and be sure your stuff is protected.

What is storage unit insurance?

Storage unit insurance is a policy, or portion of a policy, that is dedicated to offering a payout on the items that you have stored in a storage unit in the case of damage or loss. This policy will protect just the items that are in the storage unit. The rates are often reasonable, as are the deductibles (if there are any).

What does storage unit insurance cover?

While every policy is going to be different, most storage unit insurance policies will cover loss or damage due to fire, theft, lightning strikes, and basic water damage (due to a sprinkler system working incorrectly, for example). The amount of coverage, and any possible items excluded, with differ depending on your provider/carrier.

Do I need storage unit insurance?

In many cases, you might find that your homeowner’s policy or renter’s policy may cover a certain amount of protection for your storage unit and the belongings in it. Of course, the most important thing about this is that it will cover some, but most likely not all, of your unit, depending how large it is and how much stuff you have in it.  Also consider the value of the contents there too.

A classic homeowner’s policy, umbrella policy, or renter’s policy will have a specific cap for the coverage that they can offer for your storage unit if there is a reason to put in a claim. In addition, the protection won’t apply to every possible insurance claim reason. For example, you won’t get an insurance payout for items in storage if they are damaged in a flood unless you have flood insurance as an additional coverage item on your homeowner or renter insurance policy.

If you want to cover all of your bases, getting a policy for your storage unit is a great idea. Or, at least learn what the exceptions are to your other policies!

How to determine if you can get storage unit insurance

Did you know that some storage facilities actually offer insurance for their units and the content within them? If you aren’t happy with your other policy’s extended protection, consider asking your storage unit provider if they have a policy you can opt into while you have a storage rental with them.

The cost per month will often be worthwhile if you are a long-term user of the unit, or you are using it to store particularly valuable items.

Can my insurance agent help?

The best way to figure out what kind of protection you need for your storage unit and its items is to contact your local agent. Hopefully, they are familiar with your existing policies and can help you figure out what the best use of your time and effort is for the best protection. Also, your agent can answer any questions about your policy’s limitations for your storage unit!

For most of us, the best protection starts with the right information. Use this as the prompt you’ve been waiting for to contact your agent, like Paula Smith Insurance and learn what is best for your pocketbook, your storage unit and more importantly – your belongings!  Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 281-488-8880 with any of your personal insurance questions or needs.

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