Getting the Right Boat Coverage is Essential

boat insurance coverage harris countyIn the Bay Area of League City, Kemah, Clear Lake, Bacliff and San Leon we love our boats and other toys.

Boat insurance is so important and so affordable.  At Paula Smith Insurance we have a package to please any kind of boat owner.  From the boat owner who wants just liability because they are only interested in managing their risk of being negligent, to the classic boat owner who has a historic vessel.

Boat coverage and why you need it

Most will fall in between and want coverage at an affordable price.  We have more choices, more discounts and more optional coverage’s than most carriers in the area.

One feature we can add to newer boats is Replacement cost coverage.  What that means to you is we will not depreciate your boat if you have a total loss.   Another important coverage some might need is hurricane haul out.   This pays to have your boat hauled out of the water or professionally tied down in the event of a named storm.   Boat Lift and Hoist coverage is also available.

Pontoon boats

Pontoon boat owners qualify for special coverage’s and rates as these boats are unique and very enjoyable.

Other needed coverage

Sometimes important coverage’s like towing, trailers and personal property used with your boat are overlooked.  These items should be included in your coverage so check your coverage for these inexpensive additions.   Does your current boat owners’ policy give you a discount if you lay up your boat during the winter?  Then maybe it’s time to check with Paula Smith Insurance so see if you are overpaying for boat insurance and/or have all the coverage’s you may need in the future.

Having a hard time finding coverage on your high performance boat?  We have special Performance Elite packages for those who enjoy High Performance boats.

On the Texas Gulf Coast and the Bay Area, we love our boats so let’s take an extra look at the coverage we have now before we get out on the water.

Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 488-8880 to be sure you are getting the right boat coverage that you need.  And for the love of all things, be sure you are being safe out on the water. Here are some top boating safety tips to ensure a good safe time.

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