Here’s Why You Don’t Drive Without Insurance

Being uninsured it's legal or wiseConsidering the idea of driving without insurance, but curious about the potential drawbacks of getting caught on the road?  Make sure that you read this before you even consider the option of driving without insurance!  The tips and tricks below may surprise you — and not in a good way!

Top problems when driving uninsured

Here are just some of the top problems that you can expect when you are dealing with the idea of driving, and getting caught, without valid insurance or no insurance at all.  Other than the mere fact that it is, illegal to be driving when uninsured.

Fees and fines

If you were to get pulled over by a police officer or other official, you could expect some serious fines.  The number will vary depending on why you were pulled over, your insurance situation, and any other situational factors.  However, you can expect that those fines and fees will be a significant amount of money since this is a serious offense!  Then there’s the fact that you’ll get at least a ticket or two.

Sometimes the state itself may decide to tack on an additional fine or fee on top of that from the court, too, that you’ll be responsible for paying at the local DMV.

Losing your vehicle

In some situations, you can lose your vehicle if you get caught driving without insurance.  This depends mainly on the situation for your stop and the assessment of the police officer, but they do have the power to immediately tow your vehicle, should they wish!

Losing your license

You also can lose your license.  This is especially likely if you’re a young driver or have a lot of tickets or demerits on your license.  Since driving without insurance is a serious offense, this can combine with other problems on your record, and the police office may decide to take your license.  It could be temporary, or it could be longer term.  Again, most of these concerns depend upon your record and what you were pulled over for this time.

Being uninsurable or having increased premiums

Depending on the situation for not having insurance on you, your insurance company may decide to not renew your policy when it comes up at the end of the year.  Or, if you have a record for driving without insurance when you apply for insurance, you may be deemed uninsurable by the insurance company, making it very difficult to get insurance in the future.  In any event, any policy you do get may have higher premium!

The bottom line

As you may likely already know, insurance is required in Texas.  It’s also a good idea to always ensure that you have valid insurance whenever you get into a vehicle.  Many young drivers may feel that the premiums are “so high” that they’ll take their chances.  However,  the financial risk is never going to be worth skipping those insurance premiums.

By chatting with a local insurance agent, you’ll be able to secure an excellent policy for your vehicle that will give you the best coverage for your money, and you’ll never have to worry about this ever again.  When it comes to what it could potentially cost you, you’ll see just why it’s going to be the right call.

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