How Your Driving Record Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

Your driving record can impact your car insurance premiums, see howDid you know that your personal driving record may either be pushing up or reducing your policy premiums with car insurance?  It’s one of those details that a lot of people understand generally, but not quite in the amount of detail you’d think.  Let’s take a look.

What’s the connection between your driving record and your car insurance rates?

Insurance policies are based on how much of a risk that you, a driver, are.  Kind of rude, right?  LOL Perhaps it seems that way.  It makes sense, though, when you think about it.  Since you are asking them to pay out a large policy should you ever need to file a claim, they want to know that you aren’t going to “take them to the cleaners”, so’s to speak.  That’s why your rate might be different from someone else’s entirely, even if you drove the same exact car!

What details impact insurance rates?

There are quite a few criteria that impact the rates that you are going to see for your policy, but here are some of the most common ones.

Any driving school and other certifications

If you learned defensive driving in a certified institution, you could have a lower premium rate.  This certification will be connected to your driving record, and it can help you earn a bit of a well-earned discount.

The number of insured drivers

The more drivers you have on your policy, the higher your risk.  This is especially so if some of those drivers are young/inexperienced, or have filed claims before.  Just like your credit score, this blends you together in the eyes of a policy!

Any past claims in the past 7 years

If you’ve been insured with another company and you’re shopping around for a new one, the new one will be able to look back 7 years within your insurance policy and see any and all claims that you’re connected with.  It still may give you a different rate, but it may not be lower!

Tickets and citations

Other key features for your policy rates with your driving record are any tickets and citations.  This includes moving and non-moving citations.  A simple speeding ticket or even a parking ticket (if you’re a young driver) could bump up your premiums.  It seems so strange, but, again, it all comes down to how much of a risk you’re determined to be for your policy.

Other cost-related impacts for insurance

If you do file a car insurance claim, you can expect your premium to rise.  It’s not fair, perhaps, especially if it was something that doesn’t feel like your fault (such as popping a tire and ending up hitting a tree), but remember that your rates are based on how risky you are to insure.  The moment that you put in a claim, your risk rises!

If you’re feeling kind of frustrated, take a moment and remember this: shop around for rates, and don’t shy away from asking if you qualify for any discounts or other savings.  A good relationship with an insurance agent will help make this easier, so prioritize the relationship as much as the rates you’re considering!

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