Hurricane Preparedness

prepare for hurricane season and protect your assets with insuranceAugust and September are Atlantic Hurricane Season when the waters really heat up and we see the bulk of storm activity.  To help you stay prepared, here are a few useful tips.

Hurricane Prep checklist

  • Double check your home insurance coverage for hurricane or windstorm coverage.  Buy now because coverage becomes unavailable once a storm reaches the Gulf.
  • Similarly, be sure you have flood insurance well before you may need it as it has a 30 day waiting period once the policy is written.
  • Keep a small supply of cash on hand.  Banks may be closed and ATM’s may be inoperable during a storm.
  • Make sure you have enough prescription medicines to outlast a storm and its aftermath.
  • Check all battery-powered equipment.  Emergency cooking facilities and lights will be essential if utilities are interrupted.
  • Charge up or check your camera batteries.  You may need to take photos of damage after a storm.
  • Take inventory of your valuables and your home.  Make a videotape, take photos and keep a written log.
  • Refill you first aid kit.
  • Stock up on nonperishable foods, drinking water, batteries, diapers and formula for infants and pet food for animals.
  • Know you evacuation route.  Know where you should go and how you would get there.
  • Make a list of your emergency numbers and keep them close by.
  • Create and emergency communication list in case you are separated from your family and friends.  Include all your home, work, school and cell numbers and exchange lists with family, friends and neighbors.  Keep the lists in multiple locations like home, work and in your car.  In addition, designate a contact person who lives outside the area for everyone to reach in case of evacuation.

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