Hurricane Season and Flood Insurance

Don't get caught with your house and property under water - get flood insuranceAs the warm and stormy weather starts to come our way, it’s time to take a look at what it’s going to mean for your property, toys and/or home. Most of us are more concerned with getting to the beach, but something that should be sorted out before you can grab a towel and head to the beach, is your insurance…more specifically, flood insurance.

Home owners understand the critical role that insurance plays, and now is the time for you to take a closer look at your insurance papers and see what exactly your current provider and contract are going to cover. Unless you’ve had personal experience with flooding or hurricane damage, you are probably not going to think of it when you renew your contract, but it’s important to consider it.

These regions are bad – the closer to the Texas Gulf Coast you are, the higher and bigger the chances for damage from hurricanes and the large amounts of lasting damage that they can do to your home and your property. So, you are going to want to consider looking seriously at the option of an insurance plan that is going to cover both of these potential situations. Don’t forget your basic essentials of hurricane or storm preparations either!

Do your research

Do some research on your area if you aren’t quite convinced and take a look at the history of hurricanes and damage and then consider these questions:

  • Are you in a flood zone?
  • If not IN the flood zone, how close to one are you?
  • How far into it are you?
  • What kinds of damage have neighbors had over the years? (in big or small storms)

These sorts of questions will you prepare you and then help you determine what kind of insurance that you should be looking into.

Remember that you don’t want to think of this after the fact, so take a look at all of your local insurance providers and see what they can provide for protection. Here at Farmers Insurance in Galveston County, Texas, we can offer you the protection that you’re going to need when the storm warnings come on screen and you start to take a look around and remember what your home is worth.  Remember, you will want to consider an agent that has you and your family in best interest. You will want to build a relationship with that agent so they can help you save money on all of your insurance needs.

Just like with any other kind of insurance, knowing what your contract covers and whether or not you have any kind of insurance on your home for hurricane or flooding damage, will give you peace of mind to really be able to see that you are protected.

The summer season is all about enjoying the hot weather, your summer toys and even a good storm or two from the safety of your front deck; but, with the security and peace of mind knowing that your home and protection are going to be covered by reliable insurance. These things makes it much more ready to enjoy the summer season. Don’t get caught wishing that you had checked. Take the time right now, before the storms begin and while you think of it to ask your insurance agent about flood protection and hurricane damage protection that isn’t built into your home insurance.  Consider changes to your existing contract, or switch to one that is going to give you the protection that you’re looking for. Better to know now than later, after all.

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