Hurricane Season & How To Protect Yourself

Protect your assets with hurricane insuranceNow that we are deep into hurricane season – and what a season it’s been already – I’d like to take this time to remind you about the wonders of insurance in all of its forms and aspects. Often, we plan out escape routes and put together safety packages, but we neglect to put the proper time and effort into something like putting together the proper insurance packages to protect our property during and after a storm when repairs will need to be done.

If you are a home owner, this is especially the case, as the damage can amount to a whopping amount pretty quickly from any kind of hurricane damage. Being prepared with the right kinds of insurance – and educating yourself on what those correct forms are – is essential for making sure that you get through the season with your home and wallet intact, or as much as possible.

What and when to get insurance

First, let’s access the point that there isn’t something called “hurricane insurance” but depending upon the type of damage and storm will determine what is covered under what.  For example, if a hurricane causes wind damage to your roof and home, then this would likely be covered under your Windstorm policy whereas flooding to your home would be covered under your flood insurance. Some things may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance but this is something you’ll want to discuss with your insurance agent.

In a lot of places, you need to remember that you can’t wait until the last minute to get “hurricane” insurance. You will be able to get it as the season progresses, but as soon as you have an active alert in your place of residence, a lot of the insurance agents won’t be allowed to add it to your current insurance plans.  Regardless of how you look at it, ‘hurricane insurance’ is something that you should educate yourself on and add to your current plan before the actual need arises. Better to be safe than sorry.


Wind insurance and flood insurance

There are many things to consider when looking at the potential damage from a hurricane. Homeowners insurance will not cover flooding and windstorm mainly covers the wind damage. To give you the comfort of knowing that your home and property are protected, you should speak to your insurance agent and add the necessary coverage to your policy.  Then simply hunker down and stay safe, knowing that your home and property will be as protected as possible.

Check your boat and car insurance policies too

While you’re reviewing your insurance, take the time to check your boat and car insurance policies, too, so that you’ll be able to understand just what the coverage is going to offer you in all situations, especially during a hurricane. This will give you the time to change your plans to include the protections that you’re most interested in so that you will have peace of mind during a storm.

Give yourself comfort and peace of mind in knowing that you will be protecting yourself with the proper policies as hurricane season creeps along. There’s a lot to be said for knowing what you’re protected against, and it’s never too late to take a look at those included policies and give yourself the power needed to take care of yourself.

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