Insurance Products

The Paula Smith Insurance Team is here to help you with your personal insurance needs, as well as your business insurance needs.  Below are some of our insurance products we are ready to help you with.  Contact us at (281) 488-8880 to discuss your specific needs!

Home Owners/ Flood /Windstorm

Friendswood Home InsuranceMost coastal residences, like the Texas Gulf Coast, need at least 3 separate policies to fully protect your home. Consolidate this with just one knowledgeable Farmers Insurance agent/team to simplify your insurance selection and claim process, it’s a win-win.

Friendswood Auto InsuranceAuto/Motorcycle

Auto insurance is more than a necessity to be legal to drive in the State of Texas but it also protects your mobility.  And don’t forget the motorcycles! From sports bikes to fully restored classics, we’ve got you covered.

Friendswood Boat InsuranceBoats/RVs/Travel Trailers

Outdoor sports are an important and vital part of coastal living, it’s a good part of the reason why folks move to the Gulf Coast, Galveston County area.  So, be sure to protect that investment of fun – from your speedy powerboats to sailboats on the water, then to your all terrain vehicles (ATVs & 4 Wheelers) to play in the mud or what not, to various RV and Travel Trailers  – be sure to protect your entire lifestyle, and what better than with a single source.

rental insurance for your rental propertyRenters Insurance

Regardless of whether you own or rent your home, you should feel safe and protected there. Not only that, but oftentimes in rentals or apartments, you have less control of what you can add to your home or more importantly, what others do in theirs. So, the main concern should be to protect yourself and your family as well as your belongings in the house or apartment that you rent, your home. Even though belongings are replaceable in times like fires, robbery or floods, it’s peace of mind knowing you are somewhat protected from the financial burden of replacing all of those things on your own. Be sure you are fully covered.  Keep in mind that flood insurance is not covered in your home or renters insurance, it is a separate policy.

protect your pet with pet insurancePet Insurance

You have insurance for your car or other vehicles and of course insurance for your health or life insurance, but too many people don’t insure their pets yet they treat them as part of the family. Why wouldn’t you want to insure them and get some help when you take them to the vet?  Vet bills are usually not planned, and those are usually the ones that may make folks determine if they can afford to go forward with those bills. Protect your pet so you don’t have to make those hard decisions.

protect your business assetsBusiness Insurance

If you have your own business, you will consider it as important as your personal insurance, as it is likely your main source of income, so why wouldn’t you protect it? Regardless of the type of business you have there are various components of it that may need to be insured for liability and protection. If you don’t know, we are happy to help you with the types of business coverage you may need.


So don’t forget to call Paula Smith Insurance and her team for any and all of your home, vehicle and personal insurance needs. We provide free quotes or full reviews of any of your insurance policies. Call (281) 488-8880 today.