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Dani - Paula's dog - protect your pet with pet coverage

Cover Your Pets Just as You Do Yourself & Your Family

Now that all my children have moved out I have to say that my beautiful dog Dani has become the source of my greatest affections. What an incredible remedy for the empty nest! There is no greater and more loyal love than that of a dog to its owner. This dog has become my third child. I care for Dani like I would for my children.

When she is tired she gets rest. When she is hungry she gets food. If she is thirsty then I give her something to drink. When she needs exercise we go walking and when she is sick we go to the veterinarian (I did try to take my oldest son to the veterinarian but apparently teenagers are still technically people). So just like I had insurance for my children to cover their routine checkups, vaccinations, illnesses and medical emergencies, I also have insurance for my dog Dani.

What is your pet covered for?

Dani is covered for teeth cleanings, vaccinations and check-ups. She is also covered in case of medical emergencies. My dog loves to chase her squeaky monkey around the house. It’s the laziest game of fetch ever but it works well for both of us. I can sit on the couch, watch the news and simultaneously launch her stuffed monkey at rocket speeds all over the house. While we do make sure that Mr. Squeaky is in good repair, if Dani were to get a little rambunctious in her fetching and should Mr. Squeaky be ripped from arm to arm and his squeaky parts swallowed then my beloved dog would need a surgery that could cost over $4,000.

With Farmers pet insurance I know that she would be covered in full and that money would be reimbursed to me quickly. Unlike most pet insurance policies, Farmers WILL cover any dog or cat without considering age or previous health conditions but pay special attention to the fine print in the wordy benefit’s schedule or ask me to go over the coverage with you. With policies starting as low as $16 a month I highly recommend you get your loved ones covered.

Recap of pet insurance benefits

So, just to go over the basics again, plans vary based on the coverage you want but start as low as $16/month with you choosing any licensed vet and coverage includes:

  • Routine veterinary expense such as office visits, vaccinations and teeth cleanings
  • Accidents and illnesses, surgery as well as emergency visits
  • Behavioral conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • International travel and more

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