Insure your College Student’s Belongings

Rental insurance for your college student in rentals

College Students in Apartments Should be Insured

As our children go back to college we are as excited as we are anxious. To see our “little” ones leave the nest and to see them truly start pursuing their goals is an accomplishment as a parent. To know that our children are no longer safe in our homes is sometimes a scary thought.

We have done our parts as parents up to this point. We’ve raised them to make good decisions but there are things that could happen that are beyond their control. Here at Farmers Insurance we recommend looking into a renter’s insurance policy to cover your child’s valuables so that they are immediately replaced in case of an accident.

Weigh the options – insurance v replacement

Renter’s insurance policies are inexpensive and cover the full cost of your child’s valuables. This can be extremely handy, especially if something were to happen to their cell phone or laptop during the middle of the semester. Some things cannot wait to be replaced when there is an online quiz to be taken!

What renters insurance covers

A standard policy will cover electronics and other valuables in case of a fire and wind or hail damage (Flood damage is covered under flood insurance). Assuredly though, there will be pranks! On that light-hearted note, here are the top five reasons to get your child a renter’s insurance policy:

1)      Using water, dish-washing detergent and dry ice the students down the hall pranked them by unleashing a tsunami of soap suds in their room. All the electronics were destroyed.

2)      Your child’s absent minded roommate started a small fire by burning the popcorn in the microwave, consuming the electronic heating device.

3)      The potassium stolen from the chemistry lab was flushed down the toilet resulting in an explosion just small enough to destroy the plumbing and cause subsequent flooding.

4)      Your child’s friends went into their apartment while they were at class and managed to stick everything to the ceiling but their laptop fell to the ground smashing into a hundred pieces.

5)      Their roommate decided to douse them with a bucket of ice water as they walked into their room. It completed fried the cell phone.

Hopefully these situations won’t happen to your child, however, even innocent occurrences can happen that can and will damage your child’s property so call us – Paula Smith’s Insurance at (281) 488-8880 so we can help you determine the right policy for your child’s needs.

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