Flood Insurance Tips for League City Home Owners – Lessons Learned after Hurricane Ike

Get flood insurance - and other Hurricane Ike lessons learnedHome owners and flood insurance tips for folks in League City and the Gulf Coast, I learned after experiencing Hurricane Ike claims may help future Home Owners navigate the claims process faster.  Being a Licensed Insurance Agent in Texas for years does not mean that a person has or ever will experience a wave of water 12 feet high devastating the homes of our community.  We were blessed that each client of mine with a flooded home had flood insurance coverage. Even if you are a flood policy expert, the claims processing is a journey that can only be traveled.

Lessons Learned from a Hurricane

  • If you don’t have a recent and current Elevation Certificate on your home, it’s worth the $300 to update that document every 20 years or so, especially after Hurricane Ike.
  • Flood Insurance does not cover movement of the earth such as dirt.  Take care to assure that your piers and pilings are very secure.
  • Home Inventory the items in your Home BEFORE they are destroyed by Flood water.  Once the claim handler tells you to make a list of the items that were damaged, emotion and sensory overload sets in.
  • Recoverable depreciation can be a significant part of the claim in Texas.  Make sure you are insured to the proper value on your home or you will not be able to recoup the depreciation that is held back.

As emotional as the devastation of Hurricane Ike has been to the Texas Coastal Community, the reward is watching strong individuals build their lives back one repair at a time.

It’s my pleasure to be a resource for you on flood insurance questions.  Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 488-8880 for a hassle free quote or to request a free home inventory software, my compliments.

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