Not Your Normal Spring Cleaning Checklist

Be sure you have a home inventory in case something happens to your homeEach season there are home maintenance and overhauling that ought to be done to keep a home clean and everything running but also so that you will be less likely endangered in the long haul. Numerous homeowners skirt these fundamental home maintenance necessities as a result of occupied calendars or in some cases since they are uncertain of what to do.

Basically keeping up on these simple undertakings can ensure that your home will work better in the long run. Seasonal home maintenance will likewise guarantee that you have less update or significant costly repairs than homeowners who don’t keep up on little season maintenance. These little maintenance things can likewise shield your home from potential hazards such as fires, flooding, or different harms that can be caused by negligence.

Spring cleaning tips – Not your normal checklist

While winter typically brings on colder temperatures (not so much in South Texas), the spring brings on the “wiping out” season. It likewise brings on spring lightening and storms, so normal maintenance tips ought to incorporate counteractive action strategies against electrical or storm issues.

Begin with tasks like;

  • Checking your homes electrical – this may require a home inspector or electrician
  • Test your ground and GFI to be sure they will work when needed
  • Put your expensive electronics on battery backup and/or power surge protectors
  • Inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Are you one to have lights strung out in your backyard to light up some festive ambiance? You may want to be sure they are secure or bring them down until you need them
  • Not many of us use portable heaters but if so, be sure they are stored safely
  • Survey the roof to be sure all roofing shingles/tiles/etc are secure and any vents or gutters are secure in the case of storms, you won’t have to fetch them from the neighbor’s yard
  • Many of us have ditches and small waterways in our yards – be sure they are always trimmed back and nothing is blocking the water run-out/gutters
  • While you are at it, since the holidays are in the distant past and future, nothing like taking a look at your house inventory. Anything new that needs to be added? Is everything covered? Reach out to your insurance agent to be sure you are adequately covered. It’s great to review your insurance annually!

Inventory as part of spring cleaning?

Why might an insurance agent need their policyholders to have an inventory of their home belongings? An inventory will help the policyholder justify or backup their claim. Inquire as to whether you ought to have an inventory, and you’ll get a resonating “Yes!” Visit any insurance organization’s site, and you’ll see that they recommend that everybody take an inventory for their home and business.

All things considered, having an inventory brings about a substantially higher potential dollar settlement. They know the insurance carrier will require a rundown of the things you own, that need to be replaced, so you’ll have better recourse in the event that you have this data. What’s more, they additionally know how troublesome it will be if you don’t have an inventory and you are preparing to overhaul the home for the coming season. On the off chance that you don’t have an inventory, then need to file a claim, there is little they can do to help you recall what you possessed. Your insurance agent realizes that piece of good client administration is instructing you and ensuring you understand the significance of having this data archived before you need it.

Isn’t that always the case… you never know you need something until it’s too late and you wish you had it. So, prepare for the unforeseen and plan ahead. This doesn’t just go for your home insurance but also your auto, boat, motorcycle or even renter’s insurance. Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 488-8880 to discuss your home insurance and the need for an inventory or for a free quote on your other vehicles or property.

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