Shopping for the Best Home Insurance Rates in Clear Lake Texas

Clearlake Texas Home Owners Insurance Agency“Wish I would have thought of shopping for home insurance in Clear Lake Texas sooner.” 


This is a repeated theme in the home buyer’s thoughts.   As people discover what a great community Clear Lake is to raise a family and want to move here, understanding your insurance risk is an important factor.  We are a coastal community.  Yes, we have the typical risk factors of fire and theft but windstorm and hail are high on the list of probability.   Thankfully there are several methods to manage the risk if you shop early and work with a local professional who understands the area.

Clear Lake Texas Home Insurance Agency

Check out your Roof!

First and foremost make sure you have a good roof.  If the roof holds up well  you are less likely to have expensive interior damage to your walls, flooring and contents.  Also, insurance companies have a discount for newer roofs.   While you are shopping for home insurance in Clear Lake TX also consider splitting the deductible.  Most policies allow you to choose a separate deductible for Wind and Hail; some even split it out three ways dividing wind and hail, Hurricane, and all other.  This allows you to take more of the risk for seasonal events like Hurricane while maintaining a lower risk for other perils.

Review your home insurance

Lastly, shop early for your insurance policy in Clear Lake TX and ask lots of questions.  There are multiple versions of policies on the market, some are the all risk policies and some are limited coverage but each has optional coverage’s that you can add depending on your needs.  For example if you have a large amount of jewelry or guns, you may want to consider additional coverage for those items.   Sewer back up is also coverage not commonly included but can be added as an option.   A good consumer web site for comparing different policy versions is the Office of Public Insurance Council.   This website will allow you to take two different Home Insurance shopping results in Clear Lake TX and compare them side by side.

It’s my pleasure to be a resource when you are shopping for Home Insurance in the Clear Lake Texas area.  Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 488-8880 with any questions.

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