Should You Insure Your Golf Cart?

determine whether you need golf cart coverageIf you’re considering golf cart insurance, it’s because you own a golf cart and it is more to you than just transportation around the golf course.  This is not uncommon in these parts, so it’s not going to be as “untraditional” as you think.  After all, you’ve spent good money on your recreational vehicles, so, it only makes sense that you want to protect that investment! But what exactly is that going to look like as a separate policy, or add on to your current coverage?

What does golf cart insurance cover?

Like a classic auto policy, golf cart insurance can cover anything from traditional public liability to collision coverage to comprehensive coverage. It depends on what you feel you need in terms of coverage.

You can choose the limits of liability that you put in place too, as well as deductibles. Again, it’s all about creating an insurance policy covering what you want it to with premiums that make sense for your situation.

Keep in mind that insurance companies may vary therefore their coverages and options will vary as well.

Do I need golf cart insurance?

A great question! Most home and auto policies don’t cover recreational vehicles unless you specifically add a floater or add-on for them. Having specific coverage for them in case of loss or damage will come out of your pocket on a separate policy. The floater may be priced higher, too, if the golf cart is one of those high-end expensive ones. consider golf cart coverage for your daily golf cart use

The exception is that quite a few home policies will cover golf cart insurance when you drive your golf cart from your property to a stated golf course.  But just for your insured property to the golf cart and nowhere else. However, it can be a bit of a grey area, as some policies will limit the number of miles or the coverage limits.  It will depend on all sorts of factors regarding the distance of your property to the golf course, the speed that your golf cart travels, whether or not it has seat belts, lights, etc.

Often, having separate golf cart insurance can be more cost-effective, primarily because it covers more than just robbery or damage. It can cover collision and public liability, etc., as mentioned. You will also love having that peace of mind since many will use golf carts to go to a friend’s house or run errands.

Even if you aren’t convinced that golf cart insurance is right for you, it’s a great idea to check with your local insurance agent.  Especially if you do have a golf cart that you enjoy using regularly. Just learning about how you can control the coverage can help pick out a policy that is best matched. Plus, it means that you’ll know where you’re covered and where you’re not, if needed. It’s always better to have protection in case you need it than to need it and don’t have it.

The decision whether or not to insure is obviously your own, based on what you think is best for your specialized recreational vehicle and family situation. Regardless of what you choose, reviewing your coverage/options with your agent will greatly support making sure that you know what you have available to you and your golf cart provisions.  That’s as great a place to start as any!

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