Specific Add-Ons To Your Auto Insurance Policy

Review your auto insurance with your agent to be sure you are fully coveredEach time you get behind the wheel, you are putting yourself on the road with other (potentially harmful) drivers and putting yourself at risk of accidents and injury.  Perhaps it’s not a cheerful thought, but it’s important to understand that having the right auto insurance policy is critical.  As important, however, are add-ons that you can consider putting in place to extend that protection as far as possible for as many “never going to happen” situations as possible.  The thing is, when it comes to road safety, “it’s never going to happen to me” doesn’t exist.  These add-ons are around because things do happen when you don’t expect them to. You don’t buy insurance because you plan on getting in an accident but you do it to protect yourself and your assets, plus, it’s the law.

Uninsured driver protection

If you are in an accident involving another driver and that driver doesn’t have insurance (or doesn’t have enough insurance), having the added coverage specifically related to protection for uninsured drivers you’ll be grateful for.  Your own insurance policy will cover what their insurance policy should have, which is something that you might consider to be important if you are concerned about the other drivers and their protection.  This is not something you think you need until it happens. This is another reason why having a relationship with your insurance agent comes in handy… they will help you with these decisions.

Medical protection

If you are a concerned about injuries in an accident, you can consider looking at something that specifically covers medical procedures and care.  Having protection for costly medical care is definitely something that you can consider if you find that you are overly focused on this particular aspect each time that you get in a car.  This is good if you have other responsibilities in life or have those who rely on you and your income to support them. Nothing like having high medical bills that you can’t take care of.

Rental protection

All too often, a rental is needed after even a minor accident occurs.  So, you can get protection that will make sure that you won’t have to pay the massive amount that a rental can cost for the long period of time you wait for your car to be fixed.  If you are worried about the cost of the rental vehicle (for either a short period of time, or a long period of time) this can be a great way to put it to rest.

Road emergency protection

Emergencies happen.  Whether it’s a flat tire or a dead battery, you can consider getting an insurance add-on that is going to give you that roadside assistance that is needed.  If your car is prone to breaking down because it’s an older model, this could be something to consider for giving yourself and your loved ones a bump of protection by professionals and the peace of mind.

Gap coverage

Sometimes accidents will leave brand new cars wrecked beyond repair, and gap coverage will help make up the difference between your car loan or lease agreement and the value of the car. This may help recent car buyers/leasers breathe a little easier knowing this is in their back pocket in the worst case scenario.

The thing about all of these supplemental or additional options is that they are intended to help you feel better and give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected.  So, if you’re looking to find a way to make driving feel safer and more protected, then consider adding these pieces to your insurance as it may be exactly the right fit for you.

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