Spring Maintenance for your Spring & Summer Toys or Vehicles

Spring maintenance for motorcyclesHere at Paula Smith Insurance, we offer insurance for all of your Spring and Summer fun – boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, recreation vehicles (RVs) or travel trailers.  We are dedicated to making our customers happy and with the best prices on your insurance policies.  We work with you to determine the best insurance policy for you, your family and your situation. We offer various choices to suit your specific needs, such as total loss coverage, collision, uninsured motorist, theft coverage, various supplemental options and more.

Are you covered this summer?

No matter what you choose to have fun in the sun with, the least of things you want to worry about is if you are protected by your insurance policy. With us protecting your assets, you don’t have to worry and know we will provide you with the best coverage based on your vehicle or toy and your situation. We will help you to insure your investment while you concentrate on your business or fun this summer.

Spring cleaning or spring maintenance time!

This is the time of year to start getting those toys out and ready for the spring or summer enjoyment.

  • Get out that motorcycle, be sure she is ready to go. When was the last time you had the oil changed?  Check out the tires if your bike has been sitting stagnant for a little longer than you’d like. Clean her up, gas her up and enjoy, safely of course.
  • Move the boat out of dry dock or pull from that storage and get her cleaned up, some regular maintenance, and put her where she enjoys being – in the water.
  • Do you plan to take that RV out this summer for some honey or family fun? Be sure to clean her up inside and out, air out the inside and wife everything down and pack her up with the essentials or be sure everything is still there (maybe have a checklist?). Check her tires, give her a tune up and get ready to explore.
  • What about atvs or four wheeling fun? Hopefully you washed off the mud before you stored her away… but if not, get on that and then do a thorough maintenance and clean up then get ready to get her dirty again!

Maintenance is done – got insurance??

Now that you have your summer toys cleaned up and a full maintenance check up… be sure that you “turn on” your insurance coverage. This is a great time to review all of your policies to be sure that everything is covered when you are out having fun this summer.

Motorcycle Insurance

Be sure your motorcycle insurance policy includes everything that you need, all of those custom modifications, medical coverage, liability coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. We will help you decide the coverage that is best for you, your bike and your situation.

Boat Insurance

We know that taking a ride on water is a fun thing to do, we will make your time on the water relaxed and worry-free. Our job is to get you a comprehensive insurance that will effectively protect you and your family as well as your friends and your boat while you are having fun. Your fun will not be complete when you are worried about your insurance needs. We offer different policies for a wide range of boats and needs. We will recommend the best protection for your specific boat. You don’t have to worry about the type of boat you have, because we offer excellent coverage for different boats from sailboats to powerboats, we’ve got you covered.

ATVs Insurance

We provide comprehensive insurance policies that can include your all terrain vehicles (ATV), four wheelers and more. We personalize your vehicle to match your specific needs and requirements. We understand that you paid money to purchase your ATV, so we are here with our many years of experiences help you protect it

RV Insurance

An RV or recreational vehicle is like your home away from home.  It’s your temporary living quarters that is suitable for traveling, recreation as well as for camping purposes. There is an RV for every purpose, so there should be a protection for all available options. We provide a wide range of insurance options for any type of RV that you may have.

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