Summer Safety for Texans & What You Can Do

Be safe during summer as Texas has extreme temps every yearTexas summers are no joke. They are hot and humid as heck yet could be fatal if you don’t plan and take heed of various warnings. If you want to make the most out of the summer without putting yourself in the danger zone, then you’re in the right place. Consider this your go-to guide for how to stay safe this summer so that it’s all about furthering the good times this summer and every summer.

Prepare your home for summer

Your home should become a summer haven. While this can refer to lots of fun activities and summer-ready snacks, it also refers to safety. You’ll want many hydration options, a full-functioning air conditioner unit, and fans to help push the cool air around.

Do your part to conserve energy

While setting that thermostat to 70 degrees and enjoying the blast of cool air is tempting, consider increasing that by a few degrees. After all, you aren’t the only household with that temptation, and the more the grid is in use, the more in demand the grid’s availability will be! This will not only be considerate of those around you (and your energy bill), but it will also be eco-friendly!

Be prepared for power outages

If the grid does go down due to overloading from extreme temperatures or a bad thunderstorm, you’ll want to have an emergency kit ready for your safety. This includes battery-powered fans, cooling pads, and lots of hydration, just to name a few. You’ll also want to head to a cooling center if your home temperature rises to an unsafe level!  Don’t forget your pets as well!

Are you covered?

Speaking of power outages and staying safe, is your home safe, too? This is a reminder to be sure you are covered and knowing what you are covered for and limits with respect to your home insurance policy. For example, if your freezer defrosts or your water heater busts, causing damage to your floors or ceilings, you will want to know that you are covered and to what extent in various situations – like a power failure, unit failure or just worn out.

As always, with insurance, it’s best to know what you are and aren’t covered for before the need arises. Check with your local Farmer’s insurance agent, Paula Smith Insurance, and get the scoop while you’re thinking about it.

Organize your day depending on the temperatureBe prepared in the heat of summer, and all year round for the occasional power outages in Texas

If it is in the heat of the day, it might not be best to be doing yard chores. Select the best time of day to be doing certain activities, if you can. Organize your day depending on when it is safest to do each job. The hardest, labor-intensive jobs should be done earlier in the day before the heat sets in, if at all possible. Spending too much time in the attic, should be avoided. Even if you are an AC repair person, you need to take note of the time spent up in the attic, and give yourself little breaks because having an accident is not worth it. If at all possible, do your lighter and inside-based jobs when the heat is at its worst.

Dress for the season

The summer heat is no joke, so make sure you are dressing for it. This means sunscreen but also UV clothing, even if it is overcast. Not only will this kind of clothing protect you from burning, but it can also help wick away moisture and make you more comfortable in the heat, or as much as possible!

Watch for heat illness symptoms

Just as severe as the heat are illnesses that could result from the heat. These include a heat rash, sunburns, heat cramps, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. Getting familiar with each of these symptoms will help you get ahead of what could be a potentially serious problem!

To make the most of your Texan summer, take these tips seriously and do your part to protect your safety daily! Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 488-8880, if you have any questions about your personal insurance needs, such a home insurance, car, motorcycle and more.

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