Summer Safety for Texans & What You Can Do

Be safe during summer as Texas has extreme temps every yearTexas summers are no joke. They are hot and humid as heck yet could be fatal if you don’t plan and take heed of various warnings. If you want to make the most out of the summer without putting yourself in the danger zone, then you’re in the right place. Consider this your go-to guide for how to stay safe this summer so that it’s all about furthering the good times this summer and every summer.

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Smart Gadgets to Keep Your Home and Car Safe

Learn more about the smart gadgets that can make your life easierYou put a lot of time into making your car and home just right. So, you want to protect your investments as much as possible, right? One of the essential details to think about is gadgets and which ones can really help you with that goal. While they often can get a bad reputation, they can be a great choice for making safety a priority with a lot more convenience than you’d think!

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Lightning and Your Home – What You Need to Know

Be aware of what damage lightning can cause to your homeYour house will never be struck by lightning, it can’t happen to you, so you don’t need to worry about it, right? Actually, you should be, especially for those of us in Texas where thunder and lightning storms are a regular occurrence.  Lightning strikes homes much more often than many believe, which means that there is the potential to have a lot of damage done that can lead to a high amount of losses.

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What To Do In the Middle of the Hurricane

Be prepared should you be weathering out a stormWe’ve discussed preparation for hurricane season in 4 Tips for Getting Prepared for Hurricane Season and even getting out right before in the last ditch effort in Be Sure You Are Prepared to Bug Out – Emergency Evacuation Packing.  But what happens if that Cat 1 storm turns for the worse, or you had to stay back for one reason or another?

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Learn the Facts & Myths about Flood Insurance

Learn the facts behind the myths of flood insuranceAs with anything else, starting from the right information on flood insurance is going to be especially helpful.  Did you know that a lot of people are actually going through life with myths rather than facts?  This can lead to a lot of wrong information, so the goal today is to learn the myths — and then the facts in most cases — about flood insurance.  Some of them may surprise you!

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Be Sure You Are Prepared to Bug Out – Emergency Evacuation Packing

plan for emergencies when you have the time to planIt’s that time of year again – Hurricane season and in that comes preparation. With emergency evacuation, there seems to be not enough time to get all of the required supplies together.  If you want to stop the panicked dashing around the house trying to prepare everyone to evacuate, get ahead of it by putting together a bug out bag!  The good news is that it isn’t as hard as it may sound.

The essentials to include in your bug out bag

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The Basics on Flood Insurance & Why You Need It

Be sure you are protected with flood insuranceThere are many people – as well-intentioned as they may be – that will tell you flood insurance is not something that you need to worry about.  After all, the insurance companies are out to get you, right?  Well, wrong, actually.  And flood insurance is something that you should understand and have as part of your policy in Harris and Galveston Counties of Texas. 

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Hurricane Season & How To Protect Yourself

Protect your assets with hurricane insuranceNow that we are deep into hurricane season – and what a season it’s been already – I’d like to take this time to remind you about the wonders of insurance in all of its forms and aspects. Often, we plan out escape routes and put together safety packages, but we neglect to put the proper time and effort into something like putting together the proper insurance packages to protect our property during and after a storm when repairs will need to be done.

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Not Your Normal Spring Cleaning Checklist

Be sure you have a home inventory in case something happens to your homeEach season there are home maintenance and overhauling that ought to be done to keep a home clean and everything running but also so that you will be less likely endangered in the long haul. Numerous homeowners skirt these fundamental home maintenance necessities as a result of occupied calendars or in some cases since they are uncertain of what to do.

Basically keeping up on these simple undertakings can ensure that your home will work better in the long run. Seasonal home maintenance will likewise guarantee that you have less update or significant costly repairs than homeowners who don’t keep up on little season maintenance. These little maintenance things can likewise shield your home from potential hazards such as fires, flooding, or different harms that can be caused by negligence.

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Hurricane & Tropical Storm Shopping List

hurricane preparedness and storm shoppingDuring Hurricane season it’s wise to be prepared before a storm hits your area.

You can never be prepared enough when it comes to something as drastic as a hurricane, flood, tornado or any major tropical storm system. But, the point is to do your best to be as prepared as possible in the event that is occurs. If you don’t have these extra measures in place now, you might want to consider some of these and get started.

If you purchase just a few extra of these shopping items on this list each week, you won’t need a mad dash to the store to find out most of these items are already sold out.  Start early to prepare.

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