What to Do if Involved in an Car Accident

What to do in case of an auto accident in Harris CountyBeing involved in an accident is one of scariest moments ever when you’re behind the wheel.  Not to mention if you are a young and/or new driver, it’s the worst! There’s no getting around that.  Hopefully you will never have to worry about it, but if you do find yourself in an accident, knowing what to do (and not do) is important for making sure that it’s as streamlined as possible.

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6 Simple Hacks for Dealing with the Texas Heat in Your Car

protect yourself and your car in the Texas heatWe have all experienced the oven-like feeling of getting into the car on a hot summer day.. after all, it IS Texas, right!?  Ideally, that car is supposed to be used as a means to get to and from our job or, travel around town for errands but not meant to fry us in the hot Texas heat.  There is no doubt that each person who lives in Texas has been victim to the unbearable heat that is trapped in your car while you are doing your daily activities.

So to help reduce that oven-like feeling when you open your car door, here are some simple life hacks to help cool the heat.

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Understanding Your Car Insurance Claim Settlement

stress of car accidents and insurance claims Unfortunately you were recently involved in an auto accident.  A week later you receive a settlement check from your insurance company and you are shocked and appalled at the settlement amount.  Your car is worth so much more than the estimate.  You wonder where on earth the insurance company get’s their numbers from.  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone – and better yet, we can help!

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