Getting Your College Student Prepared to Return to School

Getting Your College Student Prepared to Return to SchoolOut of the house and on their own.  For many Texas families, this is their first time sending off one of their children to go live on a college campus.  This is a new stage of life for the family and for the young adults who are entering the college life.   One of the big things before sending off your college age child is to make sure they are fully prepared to start their own independent living.

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Insure your College Student’s Belongings

Rental insurance for your college student in rentals

College Students in Apartments Should be Insured

As our children go back to college we are as excited as we are anxious. To see our “little” ones leave the nest and to see them truly start pursuing their goals is an accomplishment as a parent. To know that our children are no longer safe in our homes is sometimes a scary thought.

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