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How Your Driving Record Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

Your driving record can impact your car insurance premiums, see howDid you know that your personal driving record may either be pushing up or reducing your policy premiums with car insurance?  It’s one of those details that a lot of people understand generally, but not quite in the amount of detail you’d think.  Let’s take a look. Read the rest of this entry »

Teen Drivers and Crash Risk Factors

be sure you set ground rules for your teen driverWhen your teen gets behind the wheel, it’s normal to feel a bit of worry coming on.  After all, they’re your child and you want them to always be safe.  Plus, you have good reason to worry — teen drivers have quite a few age-specific risk factors that make driving a little more dangerous for them.  If you’re looking to do whatever you can to help them out and protect their health and safety, here’s the deal on their crash risk factors. Read the rest of this entry »

Back to College/School Prep

Review your insurance when students are heading back to collegeIt’s that time of year again.  School buses are out checking their routes because school is about to be back in session.  For some, it’s a standard process, but for those who are going away to college for the first time (or again after the summer break), it can be a mighty year filled with a lot of big changes that should get proper acknowledgement.  From a change in environment to a shift in insurance, there is a lot to focus on with this new school season. Read the rest of this entry »

What to Do if Involved in an Car Accident

What to do in case of an auto accident in Harris CountyBeing involved in an accident is one of scariest moments ever when you’re behind the wheel.  Not to mention if you are a young and/or new driver, it’s the worst! There’s no getting around that.  Hopefully you will never have to worry about it, but if you do find yourself in an accident, knowing what to do (and not do) is important for making sure that it’s as streamlined as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Fears Parents Have With Teen Drivers And Best Safety Tips For Teens

Get insurance for your teens in TexasThere’s nothing more fearful for a parent than having a teen get behind the wheel.  There can be a lot of danger associated with teen driving.  Some of it is warranted and some of it is not.  Regardless, no one – parent or teen – can go wrong with the option of brushing up on safety tips when it comes to teens and drivingRead the rest of this entry »

Various Reasons Young Adults May Want Own Insurance After Moving Out

Discuss the best option with auto insurance for your young adult with your agentChildren grow up, they go to college, they move out of state or maybe they just move out of the house on their own! Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment for them, moving into adulthood and for you, showing your child how to become more independent.  You did your job of raising your youngsters into young adults ready to take on the world!

Now that they are on their own, there is nothing wrong with helping them out once and awhile by paying for groceries, helping them to furnish their new apartment and there is no doubt that they appreciate the help. However, with respect to their auto insurance, you may want to consider your options. Read the rest of this entry »

Drive safely and Without Distractions

Don't drive distracted - accidents happen more often thenDistracted driving is one of the main causes for automotive accidents and deaths in the U.S.  Being a distracted driver is not only dangerous to you, as the driver, but to your passengers as well as everyone else on the road.  There are countless stories all around the nation that make it into the news regarding car accidents and distracted drivers.  Read the rest of this entry »

10 Things Your Teenagers Should Know Before Driving Alone

assist your teen drivers with driving safely without youTeenagers are usually eager to get on the road driving, alone and often don’t think ahead on how to prepare for common mishaps for new drivers or even drivers in the Greater Houston area. Traffic in Houston can be extremely unpredictable so being more aware and planning ahead can help alleviate issues that may come up, plus some other more common sense things to help our ‘all-knowing’ teens as they embark on ‘adulting’ with a car. Read the rest of this entry »

Things Parents Need To Know with Teen Drivers in Texas

insure your teen driver for your protection, and theirsFor a teen, getting their driver’s license is exciting and they feel like they have a new found freedom and sense of responsibility.  But for parents, it often feels quite different.  Especially for a parent’s first time with a teen driver, there can feel like you have just one more thing to worry about.  Having an understanding of what is legally required of you will maybe help you transition into this new phase of raising a teenager. Read the rest of this entry »

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