The Six-Point Checklist for your Recreation Vehicles

check out your jet ski before putting it on the water Here come the days of taking out all of your recreation vehicles and prepping them for the season.  There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair, whether you are on dry land or on the water.  Checking things from maintenance to ample insurance to safety equipment, you will be glad you did before you head out for your first adventure. No matter what kind of toy you are bringing out this year, this six-point checklist will give you a good overview of what needs to be done to make your boat, ATV, RV or motorcycle ready to enjoy.


1. Replace Oil

Since your vehicle might have been sitting more during the ‘winter’, you might want to give it a thorough annual oil change.  Refreshing the oil is like giving your motorcycle new life.  You don’t know if your oil has separated from being in storage for the past few months, so you just want to make sure that the oil is going to do its job well.


2. Inspect ConnectionsClean up your ATV after each use to ensure it runs the next time

Taking a peek at the electrical system by checking all of your switches, gauges, lights and electronics on any of your recreation vehicles will help you to detect problems before you even make it out for your first ride.  You will also want to inspect your hoses and cables for damage.  Look for any kinks or cracks that could cause the vehicle to malfunction.  When these things don’t work correctly, they can reduce the safety and enjoyment of your boat or motorcycle.


Further, if you have caked on dirt and muck that didn’t get cleaned up well from the last use, it could cause damage, so before you put up your toy for a period of time, be sure to clean it up well.


3. Juice-up the Battery

If you had forgotten to disconnect the battery from your vehicle before storing it for a longer period of time, you will likely have to completely re-charge it or even replace it.  Be aware that there could be corrosion build-up that needs to be cleaned off using a wire brush.


4. Fill Those TiresMaintain your toys all year long including campers and trailers

It is your tires that carry all of the weight of any vehicle.  Checking the air pressure before you take it out for your next ride will make sure you are riding more safely.  You will also want to check for any punctures, signs of stress or bulges that could be on your tires and causing the need for replacements.


When vehicles, trailers or toys sit in the Texas heat for long periods of time, the tires get the most wear so be sure they are fit for travel and safe fun.


5. Update Insurance

Take your safety seriously - motorcycle safetyMaking sure that your insurance policy for your boat, motorcycle, ATV, camper or RV is current and up to date is a priority.  Before you head out for your first ride, you will want to note any new equipment or custom parts on your vehicle to make sure that they are covered under your insurance policy.


Keep in mind there are riders and policy supplements that can be added based on your usage, needs, storage and the like. Further, if you consider bundling your policies for toys, cars and house, you could save some money in the process.  So having an annual review is always a good idea, to be sure you have all you need and for the best price.


6. Take Safety SeriouslyBe sure your boat has hurricane haul out insurance

When it comes to safety, there is no messing around.  You may not know what lies on the road ahead of you, but you can plan and increase your safety by being prepared to face it.  Inspect your motorcycle and any safety equipment like your helmet before you begin your riding season or get a new one if yours has some wear and tear.  If you have a boat, be sure to have it stocked with plenty of life jackets on board.  Your trailers should have proper and working brake systems to get your boat from storage to enjoyment. If you are taking the RV out for the summer, be sure you consider the safety of your home while you are gone.


Bottom line, we want you to be safe, covered in the event of a mishap or accident but to have fun in the process.  Contact Paula Smith Insurance to get your annual review and let’s talk about what you currently have and if there are other options you may need to include or bundle.

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