Top Fears Parents Have With Teen Drivers And Best Safety Tips For Teens

Get insurance for your teens in TexasThere’s nothing more fearful for a parent than having a teen get behind the wheel.  There can be a lot of danger associated with teen driving.  Some of it is warranted and some of it is not.  Regardless, no one – parent or teen – can go wrong with the option of brushing up on safety tips when it comes to teens and driving

Top concerns with teen drivers

When parents are asked what their top concerns with teens driving, the results lined up pretty clearly with a lot of the actual real-life concerns and driving.  While driving and safety are important for drivers of all ages, young drivers are often at fault in accidents simply due to the fact that they are new drivers and are more prone to any distraction being a serious one that can cause an accidents.

As far as the top concerns for distracted driving, parents were most worried about texting and other phone usage.  Some teens think just because they can send a message without looking, it isn’t a distraction.  But phones create mental and focus distraction, and sending a message – even when not looking as it is keyed in and sent – creates a mental distraction that can cause an accident in the blink of an eye.

Another big concern for parents is that having a car full of people is always a distraction.  When you are a teen and have a pile of other rambunctious teens in the back that are going to be loud and trying to change the radio station, it’s even more distracting.

Teens have the potential to be some of the best drivers due to their recent education in all of the rules, but they also have the potential to be the riskiest drivers due to their lack of experience in real life driving.

Top tips for teen safety

When it comes to teens and safe driving, there are some great options that you can consider to help keep each drive as safe a one as possible.

Consider rewarding your teen with safe driving.

This can be done monetarily, or it can be done by providing longer hours with the car available, etc.  The key is to help each teen feel as though it is realistically worthwhile to drive safe and keep that phone tucked away.

Another option is to explain the dangers of dangerous driving to your teen.

There is reason that so many driver’s education classes make teens watch the graphic slow motion videos of car accidents, many of which involve teens.  You can do the same thing as parent by kindly but firmly explaining these potential risks and dangers to distracted or dangerous driving.

Driving and teens always means anxiety for parents.  Since parents are often heard saying “it’s my job to worry”, there’s no reason why a teen who is able to drive without a parent would be any exception.  The trick is to take it all in stride and use this as your basis.

We can’t help with you being a worried parent with a teen driver in your home, but we can help with being sure your teen, your property and family are as protected as possible with insurance coverage.  Contact Paula Smith Insurance with your auto insurance needs at (281) 488-8880.

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