Travel Safely This Holiday, but Don’t Make Your Home a Target

Home safety and home insurance during holidaysOne of the best things about the Holidays is travelling with loved ones, whether you’re going on a short trip, or a long one.  One of the biggest vulnerabilities when travelling over the Holidays or any time for that matter is the fact that you are leaving your home open to robbers.  The beloved Home Alone depicts this perfectly, after all.  Make sure that you keep your home safe from those who want to make a profit from your belongings by taking a look at these tips and tricks.

Ask someone to check in on your pets and home

You’ve probably got someone to take care of your pets, which is great, but make sure that you have someone to check in on your home on a regular basis, too.  This will make it easier for you to know if there’s been a break-in, and also make sure that anyone who is trying to plan a break-in knows that your home is being monitored properly by someone who knows you.

Have your mail checked or held

You don’t want anyone stealing your mail or packages, so ask a neighbor to keep it safe while you’re gone, or contact the post office and ask them to hold your mail for you.  It’s worth it to make sure that you get all of your packages and regular mail, and also an overflowing mailbox can be a sign that your home is vacant, making it a spot of interest for thieves or others who are watching.

Check all windows and doors and deadbolt doors

Before you go, make sure that you check all of your windows and doors, making sure that each window is securely shut and locked, and that all deadbolts are in place on your doors, be it balcony doors, back doors, garage connector doors, etc.  If you have an electric garage door opener, it might be a good idea to latch the doors shut. So you don’t break the garage door opener, you may want to unplug it so you don’t try to open it while it is bolted shut.  Put all of them in place and it will help fortify your home from those who mean you harm.

Set timers

Timers for your lights, TV, radio etc are a good idea to consider, well maybe not your TV. LOL  You’ll be able to make sure that anyone who is on the prowl can see the lights on and radio on and off regularly, so they will assume that someone is in your home and keeping an eye on it.  This makes it less of a target and is worth the time to set up.

Keep yourself safe too

Keeping your home safe is great, and all, but you need to keep yourself safe too when travelling.  Make sure your luggage is labelled clearly.  Keep a close eye on your bank accounts, be vigilant when you’re out and about, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the great parts about going away for the holiday.

Travelling safely is possible when you put the proper protections in place, so use these tips to help you keep everything running smoothly this holiday season so that it’s full of happy memories and everything and everyone is safely tucked away as planned.

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