Victim of Uninsured Motorist Accident? What To Do

protect yourself and your property in case uninsured motorists cause an accidentGetting in an auto accident is bad enough, but what are you supposed to do when you are in an accident, and the other driver is uninsured?  While it is certainly alarming to find out that you are now a victim of an uninsured motorist accident, there is plenty that you can do about it.  Here’s what you need to know!

What is an uninsured motorist?

As the name suggests, this is someone who is driving without insurance.  If they get in an accident with you, they wouldn’t have the means to cover costs as a result of damages, injury, and more to your vehicle (and you).

How to deal with it

Since this is not a situation that any of us can predict, since it has to do with the other driver, it makes uninsured motorist coverage essential!  Some states require that drives have uninsured motorist coverage, but Texas is not one of them.  This means that the accident victim must take steps to ensure that they get the compensation that they deserve.

Call the police

Regardless of how minor the accident was, you should call the police.  It will open a file where both of your information will be taken down, and you’ll be able to file claims much easier and faster with this official paperwork already in process.

Exchange information

Even though the police are going to have it all down, make sure that you exchange information with the other person. Since the other person doesn’t have insurance, this is going to be especially important.  Sometimes these people may flee the scene, so grab your phone and take as many pictures of the other car and person as possible.  Then you can start to take your pictures of your car, the scene, the damage, etc.

Call your insurance company

Just like any other car accident, you need to call your car insurance company and agent to let them know about the accident.  You can also start you claim that way, as well, which is going to be crucial to making sure that you’ve got the process started.  Your company has protections in place just for this kind of scenario, so filing a claim even when you’re not at fault is going to help you get the financial compensation that you deserve.

Should I have uninsured motorist coverage?

What you decide to have for protection on your policy is going to be a personal decision.  If you are curious about whether or not this addition is going to be right for you, your personal insurance agent will be able to help you out with some more information, facts, and other details relevant to your own policy.

Is uninsured motorist coverage a good idea?

Since no one knows when or how they’re going to be in an accident, it always is a great idea to have protection in place for every situation.  Since most policies don’t have large add-ons for this particular coverage option, it often is a good idea to consider.  Peace of mind is often worth a lot more than whatever that fee might be.  Of course, it is always is going to be a personal decision.

Finding out that the other driver is uninsured is never a fun surprise when in an accident, but you do have options, which is always the best-case scenario when it comes to insurance!

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