What To Do In the Middle of the Hurricane

Be prepared should you be weathering out a stormWe’ve discussed preparation for hurricane season in 4 Tips for Getting Prepared for Hurricane Season and even getting out right before in the last ditch effort in Be Sure You Are Prepared to Bug Out – Emergency Evacuation Packing.  But what happens if that Cat 1 storm turns for the worse, or you had to stay back for one reason or another?

What to do  if you are in the thick of it

If you’re in the middle of a hurricane, there’s not much you can do but protect yourself from the brunt of the storm.  However, do you know how best to actually protect yourself?  Do you know just what you should or shouldn’t do?  Consider this your go-to guide to help you “weather” the storm and be in the know what to do from there.

Trust your prep

If this isn’t your first hurricane season, then you know the value of prep.  That prep could include adding flood insurance to your homeowner’s plan at least 30 days before the season, as well as more practical things like preparing your home for a likely hurricane.  This prep is going to be a key part of your strategy and will help you both enjoy peace of mind and protection from this weather event.

Know what’s going on

Prep aside, the next thing that you’re going to want to do is focus on knowing what’s going on in the weather.  There are many resources that will give you live updates on the weather.  Tune in to local news channels, radio stations, and more.  This will help you to be prepared so that you can know when to take cover, should you need to.

Don’t just tune into local stations or trust a social media app to keep you updated.  Do your own tracking on weather apps and assume that it’s worse or closer than you think — you don’t want to learn the hard way that these options are sometimes a bit behind the times.

Have the Red Cross app

If you do need to evacuate, or you are looking for information, help, or resources, you’ll want to have at this app on your phone so that you can find out where local centers are set up if you need them.  If you can, download your insurance agent’s app, too, so that you can reach out to them when the time comes to do so.  Various Red Cross apps.

Be prepared to lose your connections

From power to gas lines to cell service, the systems could very well go offline during a hurricane, so you’ll need to prepare for this eventuality rather than simply hoping it doesn’t happen.  Have blankets, flashlights, and more so that you aren’t without whatever creature of comforts you have.

After it passes

Lastly, you’ll want to contact FEMA and your local home insurance agent so that you can get the assistance you need to start the claims process and long clean-up process that might be waiting for you. Both of these will have a long queue of calls to get through, but the sooner you get your claim in, the better, so you’ll want to do this as soon as the storm lets up.

A hurricane is always scary and intense, but knowing that you are ready will help you ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, as well as make sure that you are ready to deal with whatever aftermath is waiting for you!

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