Where to Start with Your Teen & Driving

Teen driver steps necessary to get started driving in League City, TxTeens and cars make for a terrifying combination for most parents. However, this is an essential point in your teen’s life, and you’ll need to make sure that you acknowledge that. Looking for some helpful advice on where you can start with your teen and driving? Take a look!

Getting your teen started driving

Eligibility for your teen

Your teen will “graduate” through a series of licenses before getting an adult license, and there are several avenues that you can consider. The first and most popular one is the Graduated Driver License (GDL), which makes sense since it’s intended for this very thing. It is all about teaching teens the proper way of the driving world in the proper order.

To start the process, teens need to be 14 years old in order to sign driver’s ed. They can then apply for their first license, which is a Minor Restricted Driver License (MRDL), once they turn 15 years old. Then, they will apply for their learner’s permit after they’ve completed that. This will stay in place between ages 16 and 18. After that, they’ll be able to apply for a Class license, just like “regular” drivers have!

Having the program in sections like this gives drivers from ages 14-18 plenty of time to learn the rules of the road and earn valuable experience in classes and in-car training to help everyone feel much better about those high-risk years when they first get on the road.

Teaching courses and classesSee the steps needed to get your teen driving.

Texas has strict requirements for in-car training and classes. It must be a combination of day and night training, and it must be a blend of training with a licensed driver such as a family member and a formal program that will use a guide to help each learning driver understand the basics.

This combination can be done in any order and combination, and it often provides a lot of relief to the parent, since they know that their teen driver is going to be getting a combination of personalized teaching and technique driving for the best education possible when it comes to comfort and safety on the road. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Talk to your insurance agent

One of the best things that you can do is talk to your insurance agent. They are going to be the professional who helps you create the right policy for this new driver and your family.  They can also help inform you on choices you have to get your teen on the road safely with the right steps to get them there. They deal with this kind of thing all the time, so they’ll be able to help everyone get what they want.

Teens and driving give a lot of anxiety, which is totally understandable. However, understanding how the GDL program work and how it impacts your teen’s driving technique, as well as car insurance premiums, will help a lot of nervous parents find some peace. It will also help your teen to enjoy some much-needed freedom when they see that process is in place for protection and comfort on the road.

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