Why Cheaper Car Insurance Isn’t Always Better

Cheaper insurance isn't always better, know your needs Most of us are looking for smart ways to save money these days.  One of the most popular categories to cut back your spending is on insurance premiums.  If you’re looking at your auto policy and wondering whether you should minimize your coverage or maybe even change insurance carriers, take a moment to look at what you’re actually going to be getting — or, rather, not getting.

A car insurance agent versus an 800 number

Going with a “proper” insurance agent and/or broker means that you have a local point of contact when you need it.  Instead of calling a 1-800 phone number, you get a local agent who knows you by name, what you’re looking for, and how to help you.  When it comes to making changes or getting answers to questions, this goes a long way! Not only that, but that local insurance agent is going through what you are going through and at the same time, flooding, wind or hurricane winds, stormy weather and the like and I don’t know about you, but that makes them feel more human and personal. Having a personal relationship with your agent can go a long way for many of these reasons and more!

You’re more than just a policy number

Bigger companies are the ones that can typically offer a smaller monthly premium, but that’s because of their pool of insured and premium.  That’s their main appeal, really.  Sometimes with a 1-800 # big company, that cheaper amount comes anonymity that will make you feel like you’re nothing more than just a policy number.  Which, to a big company, you are.  You’re a paycheck and the day that you have to file a claim, that paycheck means nothing to the larger broker anymore. The cool thing with Paula Smith Insurance, is we primarily work with Farmers Insurance and that IS a big company, so you get both – yep, you get your cake and can eat it too!

You may not know what is covered

A local agent is more personalized and will be able to explain what is covered and what isn’t whatever you call.  A phone call to the 1-800 car insurance company may lead you to various automated prompts, “enter this and press #”, or transferring you to the “correct agent who can help you”… therefore may not fully inform you of everything.  It may take several calls for you to figure out the limitations of the policy even as it is.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a “one and done” approach?  Like, just pick up the phone and call your buddy, Paula, someone answers the phone or can call you back pretty quickly, they can look up your policy easily – no “press this or that”, no transferring to different agents, just a personal touch by someone who knows and cares about you.

You deserve qualityGet quality car insurance in League City with Paula Smith Insurance

At the end of the day, you deserve to have an insurance agent who knows you by name, can offer you full information on all of the policy coverages as well as any possible savings, how many drivers and cars are covered, and more.  Quality comes at a “cost” and while you won’t necessarily have the lowest premiums out there, you will get personalized service and that is worth its weight in gold.

What it comes down to is that you get what you pay for.  Saving money is obviously an important priority, but if it means that you’re going to have to end up spending a whole lot more if you do have an accident, is it really worth it?  Cheaper car insurance may save you now, but it could just turn out to be the opposite when push comes to shove. Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 488-8880 for questions about your car insurance, or a review of all of your insurance coverages, to ask an insurance question or anything personal insurance related. We are here for you and happy to help.

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