Your Teen is Ready to Drive – Now What?

Driving, for a teen, is a new experience, use these tips to helpYour teen is officially ready to drive!  This is their most exciting birthday and most parents’ most terrifying birthday.  There are so many things that go along with your teen hitting the road for the first time.  Where do you even start when looking to teach those baby steps to them?

Last blog we discussed Where to Start with your Teen & Driving, so this is what’s next for you and your teen.

Next Steps for Your Teen Driver

Check-in with your insurance agent

Your insurance agent is going to have some great suggestions on how you can start your teen on the path to driving.  This includes basic education courses through video resources, local classes in town that focus on the importance of safe driving, etc.  We know you are fearful for and likely WITH your teen but we have some great tips to help.

Take your teen on a tour of the vehicle

One of the most important and best steps that you can take is bringing your teen on a tour of the vehicle—everything from the tires to the mirrors to the seatbelts to looking under the hood.  Help them understand everything about the car so that they can really appreciate just how big of a responsibility it is to drive, and alone!

Teach them the rules of the road

Another great thing to do with your teen is to teach them the rules of the road—the actual rules of the road that go beyond the ones that they learn in the classroom.  Teach them the ones about the space bubble to leave between them and the car ahead of them.  Or what to do if someone flashes their lights at them.

The rules of the road are overwhelming at the best of times, so helping them see those in real form offers a lot of support.  Plus, it can help them feel calmer when they know the official rules and the “unofficial” rules.

Help them get a feel for the vehicle

Make sure that they know how to adjust everything in the vehicle — not just the mirror!  Show them how to move the seat, how to shift the steering wheel, the sun visor, etc.  Anything and everything that can be moved, make sure they know how to do it.

The more comfortable that they are about this, the better they’ll be able to adjust their driving experience and be a safer driver because of it.

Focus on training them for everything

From someone coming over the line, to hydroplaning, to blowing a tire, to a pedestrian running out in front of you and what to do if they do get in an accident, etc.  The more experiences that you teach your young driver to be in, the safer driver they will be!

Never underestimate slow education

Of course, every teen is going to want to pull out on the road, like, yesterday.  As a loving parent, however, spending as much time as you can on properly educating your teen on the training before they hit the road will be better for their driving technique.

There is so much education in driving, and your teen is ready for it.  All that’s left is to give them the ability to learn all about it with you as their patient and loving guide!

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